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                        Gardeners of Somerset Valley
September 2014					From: Mitch Greenbaum

NEXT "MEETING": Wednesday, September 16, 7:30pm at the North Branch Reformed Church

Dear GOSV:

Even with the picnic at Lorriís which was a veritable feast and the Hillsborough garden tours at the homes of Marty and Larry on a day that was finally less than 90 degrees, life just doesnít seem quite right not to have a club meeting with a speaker on the calendar. The long wait is now over and if you are at least the slightest bit interested in art and beauty, which most gardeners are, next weekís program should be a must attend. Guest speaker Beth Murphy is a self taught artist who relies solely on materials found in nature to create what she calls a variety of experiences in the form of the abstract, kaleidoscopic, geometric and still life. Her works ranging from cards, invitations, ornaments and collages appear so bright and colorful they are often mistaken for watercolors. In the approximate 45 minutes of time allotted, Beth will touch on collecting flowers, leaves, vines and stems, offer prep and design tips, demonstrate pressing and sealing techniques, and most importantly share her amazing finished works. Please take a minute to browse, you will come away believing the items shown were lovingly painted, and as gardeners we can best appreciate the skill and creativity required to bring these designs to life.

Larry Haas recently heard from Ray Hawkins, one of our prime members in the 1990ís known for huge pumpkins, sunflowers and an oversized sense of humor, is retiring and moving at the end of the year and would like to find a home for a Night Blooming Cereus. If interested, let Larry, Marty or myself know. Larry also reports Anita is feeling much better and could be receiving some good news from the doctors this week.

Please note Marty will be in Holland touring and visiting family and likely getting new ideas for future programs, and I donít know who is running the meeting, so letís call it a surprise for now. She also asked me to forward the attached flyer about an upcoming flower design school, the location also a surprise and you would need to contact the registrar for details.

This is the only night available to write this newsletter until next Sunday, so kindly bear with the lack of details. We have a great program to start the autumn season and September is always a time for close fellowship while discussing the highs and lows of the past two months. For the vegetable and fruit growers, itís also been an unwritten tradition to bring in a few samples to share if extra available.

Once again, letís thank Lorri for hosting the picnic, she really went all out to show her appreciation for the clubís continued support and encouragement. The feeling is mutual.

Hope to see everyone Wednesday.

Best regards.