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                        Gardeners of Somerset Valley
September 2013					From: Mitch Greenbaum

NEXT "MEETING": Monday, September 16, 7pm
Picnic at the Bridgewater Library

Dear GOSV:

This is just a friendly note to remind everyone to come to the Bridgewater Library next Monday. Change can be exciting and moving the locale has the potential to attract new members, generate enthusiasm and cultivate new ideas. I attempted to advertise in three local papers, and though thus far none have promoted the meeting yet, I’m holding out hope to see something this week. My instincts are that even with just the flyer in the library, we can expect some motivated and interested guests. In the old days, when someone new came especially if alone, membership rolled out the welcoming carpet with an easygoing warmth and friendliness. This method worked on me during my first meeting more than a decade ago, so let’s all continue to be goodwill ambassadors of the highest order.

The Sunday Star Ledger had a short article about the hardship farmers experienced this year during one of the wettest and also hottest summers on record. A lethal combination in many ways for vegetable growing. No matter the weather, in gardening there are always successes. Don’t be shy and make sure to bring in your winners this year as limited as they might be.

The end of summer and the beginning of fall doesn’t only mean raking leaves and unpleasant clean-up chores. With what seems to be ever later first frosts, there’s still plenty of enjoyable gardening left in 2013.

Hope to see everyone next week. Please see what Marty wrote previously below and the attached flyer. Mitch


For our September meeting we usually bring produce from our garden and there is a tasting of all things home grown and fresh. I would ask you to bring in whatever you grew in your garden for tasting or heck, just admiring it.

Maybe Fred Y. can also bring in some of his honey and maybe some figs???

Since we are trying to “lure in” fresh blood, I will be doing a presentation on “Creating a Backyard Wildlife Habitat” as based on the guidelines from the Natural Wildlife Federation. I plan on getting flyers to the library later this month promoting this program and if possible, get in on their website as well. Mitch will also try to get it in the local papers so with luck me might create a bit of interest in this program. For those of you who can print out and distribute the flyer to various locations, I have attached it to this e-mail. Please feel free to distribute it as you see free, but keep in mind that Mitch will handle getting it in the papers.