Gardeners of Somerset Valley

September 2004					Editor: Mitch Greenbaum


			NEXT MEETING: Wednesday, September 15, 7:30 PM,
				At the North Branch Reformed Church

The Labor Day holiday has come and gone, hinting of the cool autumn days ahead. The Atlantic Ocean seemingly spawns a hurricane on a weekly basis. Add in record high oil prices, political corruption, campaign attack ads, football widowhood, longer commutes, and no wonder this has the potential to become a gloomy time of year. But, do not despair- the summer is not officially over yet, and there are still plenty of quality gardening activities left.

For starters, after a two-month hiatus, GOSV has a meeting next Wednesday. Our repeat scholarship student Nina Zinn, a Cook College senior studying landscape architecture, will be our guest speaker. She plans to show slides from a trip she made to Japan several months ago, and like Gregory Shinn last spring, discuss her studies and patiently answer horticultural questions. Nina was also selected for a $15,000 scholarship from the Friends of Frelinghuysen Arboretum, and though her program may be brief, we have a great opportunity to get acquainted with another one of our fine students while learning first-hand about Japanese gardens.

Secondly, itís also time for the annual sunflower and dahlia contests. The inimitable Larry Haas, the supplier of the tubers and seeds, will again host the event. The sunflowers get judged on size only while there will be an award for the largest and the most beautiful dahlia. Rumor has it that some of the dahlia plants have exceeded six feet in height, and this bodes well for a very spirited competition, so bring in your best entries.

The George Osterman Family Scholarship becomes a reality in October when a Cook College student is announced as the latest recipient of a $1000 stipend. With the graduation of Gregory Shinn, we now have a new Delaware Valley College scholarship student as well. His name is Dale Davis hailing from Chester, NJ and heís studying commercial crop production with a major in ornamental horticulture. Once again we must thank George Osterman for letting GOSV use his magnificent grounds for the August picnic. Attended by more than twenty, from this reporterís birdís eye view, it looked like the chicken kabobs, the grilled vegetables and of course dessert were the big hits. Also, our thanks go out to Steve Goldberg and Fred Yarnell for ably manning the grills, and to Dottie Wright for organizing the party and supplying most of the food and beverages.

Other News

If just getting out of the house to meet with your fellow GOSV gardeners is not enough motivation, Fred Yarnell has kindly offered to bake his prize apple crisp and some homemade fig cookies for our enjoyment during intermission. Based on rave reviews from previous years, these goodies should be enough to ensure a big meeting turnout.

Donít forget your sunflowers and dahlias!