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                        Gardeners of Somerset Valley
October 2014					From: Mitch Greenbaum

NEXT "MEETING": Wednesday, October 15, 7:30pm at the North Branch Reformed Church

Dear GOSV:

Back in 2009 at the Charter Night Dinner held in Scampi’s, intrepid traveler and club member Ralph Maiwaldt presented a very fine program on the wildflowers of the western United States. It was so well received he has since spoken about his trip to Patagonia and other exotic locales. This year Ralph made a return visit west of the Mississippi hiking and camping in some of the most beautiful places on earth and after much coaxing sorted through thousands upon thousands of photos to create another exciting presentation for next week’s meeting. At minimum three things are known about Ralph; he’s a marvelous/prolific photographer, knows native plants and flowers about as well as anyone in the area, and is a fearless adventurer who makes the listener feel the excitement and at times dangers of his flower and bird watching pursuits. At the last meeting, during the coffee break he told a story of how he got caught off guard by wind and rain and almost froze to death, but promises to stick mainly to upbeat and happy experiences.

Please see the attached flyer about the annual February NJ Flower Show and our parent club’s participation. The Great American Novel, what a great theme for next year.

Marty has returned from Holland where she enjoyed three weeks of wonderful weather seeing friends, family and touring gardens, and she will be rearing to go come next week. A trustee meeting has been called at 7:00 PM and she’ll update the club on the latest news.

A mini preview, Dottie has linked up with a woman who can give a talk in January on making homemade jams and jellies. While tending my garden at Duke Farm, I met the young couple who grow the organic produce for the on-site restaurant and Saturday market, and they are interested in speaking in February about how they became farmers and associated with the Duke foundation.

Let’s keep the momentum going and have a big turnout next week.