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                        Gardeners of Somerset Valley
October 2012					From: Mitch Greenbaum

NEXT MEETING: Wednesday, October 17, 7:30 PM
at North Branch Reformed Church

Dear GOSV:

Next week’s meeting will have the feel of a smorgasbord, literally and figuratively. Program chairperson Dottie Wright has decided to take some prized Chinese Eggplants, sauté in specially purchased olive oil, and serve over pasta with a sprinkling of black pepper. This sounds very enticing and one can only hope she makes a big pot. As the cold weather sweeps in from the north she encourages other members to catch the cooking or baking bug and bring in additional dishes, breads and salads preferably from still available local fruit and vegetables. Don’t skip dinner; just expect to have some treats to nibble on.

Though the mechanism for doing so has not been entirely worked out yet, Dottie expects a cocktail hour of discussions about individual member’s notable successes and failures in 2012. As we saw with Ralph’s recent adventure at the last meeting, talk can also be centered on horticultural sights from excursions and vacations throughout summer. The trip to the Brooklyn Botanical Gardens last Saturday was a spectacular success and you can expect to hear about several of the exhibits, and if all else fails, Marty just returned from Holland or always has a cache of topics ready at a moment’s notice. Sounds a bit chaotic, it’s OK, everyone who wants should get a chance to speak.

In November expect a flower arranging program and then before you know it, time to plan the annual GOSV Christmas party.

Very Important: Please exclude recipes with nuts or chocolate as because of allergy concerns these are prohibited by the church.