Gardeners of Somerset Valley

October 2008					Editor: Mitch Greenbaum
Cacti Dish Garden
Green Brook Township Green Day  

NEXT MEETING: Wednesday, October 15, 2008, 7:30 PM
at the North Branch Reformed Church.

The objective of next week’s meeting is not only to learn how to create a cacti dish garden, but also to come away with the know-how to challenge for a ribbon at the upcoming GCNJ Flower show held at our church location next June. Even if winning an award requires a few more attempts, cacti and other succulent plants have been growing in popularity outside of the U.S. southwest and can add interest and diversity to the indoor garden. Guest speaker Peggy Koehler, past president of the Bridgewater Garden Club, will take us through the steps of selecting the best specimens, matching them to a suitable container, using the appropriate media, care and most importantly adding unique touches which could lead to a spot in the award circle. At the very least, Peggy plans to start the process of allaying the mystery and apprehension about showcasing plants and introduce the club to two of the horticultural classes scheduled for next year.

For the first time in a long while, no plans have been made for pumpkin, sunflower or dahlia contests. If you did sow a few favorite seeds or stored away a loving bulb, bring in your precious entries anyway. At the very least, Ralph who should be back from his six week long cross country tour visiting national parks and gardens can take pictures for the website. Welcome home Ralph and we look forward to seeing you fit and relaxed while anxiously awaiting the development of a program covering your adventures.

Christine is looking for help manning a table at the second Green Brook Township Environmental Education Showcase taking place at the IEF School at 105 Andrew Street on Friday, October 17 from 6-9 PM. Topics include solar energy, water quality, organic food, composting, green building technologies and Christine rightly believes this venue could be a good opportunity to introduce GOSV to some potential new members. Though she’d like the support of our Master Gardeners, all volunteers would be welcome. Please call her if interested in lending a hand.

Dottie who’s serving as the Horticultural Chairman for the June show urges members to go the website and check out some of the truly unique Allium and Camassia bulbs on sale to raise funds for the programs. These bulbs will also be included in at least four of the flower design categories judged at the show.

Thank you to everyone who made the tomato tasting and spaghetti dinner such a great success last month. Both the quantity and the variety indicated that members still appreciate a delicious Garden State tomato. Having an informal style meeting was a wonderful way to say goodbye to summer and kick-off the busy year ahead.

Take a break from the seemingly endless negativity of Presidential campaigning and the turbulent financial markets, and spend a little time with Peggy. She promises no matter how prickly the plants and how bad the news, real blood shall not be spilled during this evening.