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                        Gardeners of Somerset Valley
November 2013					From: Marty Oostveen

NEXT "MEETING": Monday, November 4, 7:30pm
Picnic at the Bridgewater Library

Dear GOSV:

This upcoming Monday we have another meeting at the Bridgewater Library, this time in room C at 7:30 pm. We can look forward to great pictures taken by Ralph as outlined below by Mitch. Too bad Ralph won’t be here for the presentation as his background info is as interesting as the pics are beautiful.

Resident club adventurer Ralph Maiwaldt is currently spending time vacationing in a rather tame locale, Florida, USA. Has he finally started to mellow and is now seeking white sandy beaches instead of back roads, mountains and off the beaten track destinations like Patagonia? Probably not, but next Monday there will be an approximate twenty minute slide show covering his travels in 2005 to the countries of Thailand, Laos, Burma and Vietnam. Touring the cities of Bangkok, Pattaya, Chang Mai and Hanoi to mention a few, he of the impeccable eye snapped photos of tropical flowers, birds, shrines and temples that most of us have never nor will ever see in our lifetime except for this GOSV opportunity. Ralph hopes that the photos will easily reveal the stark contrasts in food and culture between Vietnam and Thailand. Now here’s the slightly interesting part, Ralph won’t be back from Florida in time so technical guru Nancy Rood will take the controls and let everyone sit back and enjoy the photos as they flash across the screen. Afterward, it could be quite interesting to give members a chance to comment in general about what was seen. Who knows, it might trigger some interest to visit Southeast Asia, though Ralph commented the trip was very demanding because of the obsessive heat and humidity. Please join us at the library for a short visit to these exotic lands.

As far as regular business for the club is concerned, there are a few items to address, such as the Christmas party (my, how time flies!) and the fact that we need a new treasurer to fill out Peggy’s remaining term. Due to health concerns, Peggy officially resigned as our treasurer although she intends to remain a member. For now, our “old” treasurer (sorry Pat!) Pat Matson has offered to fill in, but since she travels extensively we needs someone (retired perhaps?) who can help us out for the remainder of the term and possibly going forward into the 2014 term. If you have been able to balance your own checkbook you are eminently qualified as our treasurer! Please do not hide your talents under a bushel, the club needs you, really, really bad. As a matter of fact, unless we get current members to fill positions in the upcoming elections (March of 2014) we may not be around much longer and I would really hate to see that happen!

So, come and join us this upcoming Monday for a visual treat and some stimulating conversation.


Marty Oostveen/Mitch Greenbaum