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                        Gardeners of Somerset Valley
May 2014					From: Mitch Greenbaum

NEXT "MEETING": Wednesday, May 14, 6:30pm at the North Branch Reformed Church

Dear GOSV:

With the sun bright, the days/evenings cool and crisp, itís impossible not to feel enthusiastic about the upcoming 2014 gardening season and donít forget, special bus trip just around the corner in July. And thereís no better way to kick it off than meeting friends and fellow gardeners in the church parking lot next week and swap lovingly nurtured seedlings and old favorites.

After strolling around, perusing and filling your trunks, donít forget to head to the church and pick-up your orders of geraniums, flats and hanging baskets. Fred who coordinates all these purchases and deserves many thanks as these sales are the primary source of revenue for running the club, has asked for volunteers to help with dispersing the goods. Itís extremely important to see Fred or one of the helpers as a mix-up by taking the wrong materials turns a difficult job into something bordering on the impossible.

The regular meeting starts at 7:30 PM, so please plan to arrive on or about 7:00 PM.

This is going to be a jam packed evening as thereís also going to be a full program given by an extremely interesting woman, Wendy Weiner. Her website is called the front yard gardener, and her mission in life is to help people design, build and nurture organic gardens especially in the front of the house which probably symbolizes the ability to grow healthy, fresh food in small spaces. In the past she has studied herbalism and worked in a laboratory making medicines. Based on photos on the website she relies heavily on raised beds and cold frames, and her work appears both attractive with use of arbors and clever signage, while the yields look extremely impressive. Not to harp back to the good old days, this topic brings back memories of the nineties when most of the GOSV members were big time food growers and relished these types of programs.

Thanks to Christine for sending out the newsletter on Monday. Marty and I had collaborated on the writing and due to some circumstances were not able to get to our mailing lists. I am re-sending to confirm that the meeting date is next Wednesday and that some of the plant swappers plan to arrive at 6:30 PM with the program beginning at 7:30 PM. Based on the weather, how much browsing you want to do and the number of plants and geraniums you ordered, arrive at a time that works best.

Other than the Charter Night Dinner(which again was wonderful), the plant swap has to be the best evening of the year for GOSV. Please plan to attend , bring some stuff and encourage a relative, neighbor or friend to stop by and take part in this fine tradition.

Best regards,