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                        Gardeners of Somerset Valley
May 2011					From: Mitch Greenbaum

NEXT MEETING: Wednesday, May 17, 6:30 PM
North Branch Reformed Church

Dear GOSV:
Even after battling through another very cold April, most everyone should have completed the first phase of spring planting, and after this spectacular stretch of weather followed by a bit of rain forecast for this weekend things should be shaping up nicely around the yard . Once again at the May meeting, you can put the finishing touches on the landscape plan by picking up some additional horticultural prizes free of charge at the 'GOSV Annual Plant Swap'. Normally the exchange starts at 6:30 PM and lasts about (45) minutes, but in recent years it seemed like (20-30) minutes was enough time to shop around and this year arriving between 6:45 and 7:00 PM would work out fine too. And for those without any giveaways, please come, as more than anything this is a time for socializing and chatting about the upcoming season.

As the exchange winds down, instead of a formal meeting, Nancy Rood, Marti Oostveen and Valerie Boyer plan to demonstrate how to inexpensively create a garden or tabletop fountain. Many of the details on the program are being worked out this weekend, but based on past experience, it'll be fun, informative and if the weather cooperates take place outside too.

Plans are in the works to have the June meeting at the rose garden in Colonial Park. Food, drink a possible tour, and celebrating Jim Laubach's birthday are on tap for this evening. Can anyone think of a more beautiful/romantic place in all of central NJ when the roses are in full bloom?

One last thing, Barry and Eileen Weissman are giving a seminar on Hostas this Saturday at 11:00 AM at the Grounds Keeper facility in Matawan. If interested in seeing this program, reservations are necessary so check out the website for the details.

Nothing else quite captures the spirit of the club like the exchange, so come on out and pick up a plant or two or just mill about for awhile. You'll like it.