Gardeners of Somerset Valley
May 2009					Editor: Mitch Greenbaum

NEXT MEETING: Wednesday, May 20, 6:30 PM
at North Branch Reformed Church

Plant Exchange
Pick-up Ace Flats & Baskets

Here’s an important suggestion for next week’s meeting. Lace up those Nike sneakers and be prepared for a whirlwind evening. For starters, the annual plants swap held in the parking lot begins at approximately 6:30 PM. If you were ever undecided about joining GOSV, the exchange alone would easily sway you otherwise, for by participating in this one activity you can recover the membership fee without any trouble at all. More importantly, there’s an element of intrigue as you can never tell what plants, shrubs and paraphernalia will be made available for our perusal. I usually try not to get personal, but want to mention as an example that I still cherish the hand cultivator which was either an antique or a unique European design that George Osterman passed on to me many years ago. Also, if Fred Swan has his usual stack of wooden flag poles, give them a second look as even though they don’t have 101 uses, are really quite a handy item. So leave a couple of vacancies in the flower or vegetable bed and check out what members are giving away this year.

Once done loading the car, it’s time to head over to the church to pick-up the orders of Ace flower/vegetable flats and hanging baskets. Please do not do rely on your memory but instead wait for Fred Yarnell or one of his helpers to verify and hand out the goods. Last year there were quite a few mix-ups which led to some unhappy customers.

Waiting in the wings for the hubbub to calm down, member and expert grower Barry Weissman has prepared an entertaining program on his beloved hosta. Both Barry and wife Eileen annually speak at the Philadelphia Flower Show and next month as a follow-up are opening their home for a garden tour and birthday celebration for Jim Laubach. Hypothetically, as gardeners, if you deal with shade or dapple light and no deer menace, what would be the one family of plants to grow? When the evening is over, Barry might convince you to consider some of the hundreds of varieties of Hosta.

Below are dates for some important upcoming club activities:

The board would like to display pictures (without names) of the Charter Night Dinner on the GOSV website. Please let one of the officers know at the meeting or by e-mail if you oppose doing so for personal reasons. The officers also want to remind you to complete the survey sent out last month.

Lastly, (23) tables 6’ long are needed for the flower show. Let Dottie know if you have access to or a source for these tables.

On your mark, get set, go- dust off those sneakers! See you all next week.