Gardeners of Somerset Valley

May 2004					Editor: Mitch Greenbaum


			NEXT MEETING: Wednesday, May 19, 6:30 PM,
				At the North Branch Reformed Church

Former club president and long time master gardener Larry Haas returns to the GOSV stage with an improved version of his slide show titled ‘perennial flowers spring to fall’. Last presented several years ago, at that time Larry mesmerized the audience with photographs showing off thousands of dazzling flowers that he and wife Anita have planted at their Kendall Park home. The Haas’s have always been fond of phlox and evening primrose, and this program now includes a strong emphasis on new favorites poppies, lilies and many others that you don’t want to miss.

Before the presentation, bring your extra plants, bulbs, tools and supplies to the bigger than ever GOSV annual plant exchange held between 6:30 and 7:30 PM at the North Branch Reformed Church parking lot. In years past the news editor called around to get a preview of some of the unusual or really special items being swapped. Never disappointed, members would happily give away fruit trees, ornamental grasses, herbs, Japanese maples- even horse manure. This year, if you want to know what’s available, you have to come to the exchange, but as always, it’s not necessary to contribute anything except your passion for gardening.

The results are in, and I’m sorry to have to report that we had a significantly down year of geranium orders. In 2003 the club sold (400) dozen, and this year only (286). There are many possible reasons for the big drop, both within and outside of the club’s control, and this might be a good topic for discussion at the meeting. A similar dip occurred about four or five years ago, and the board and trustees made some adjustments that helped get us back on track. The scholarship fund remains very important to the club, and you will hear more about this topic in the months to come.

Fred Swan, our newly elected president, requested the following to be included in the newsletter.
“The Charter Dinner was well attended despite some absences caused by unexpected academic requirements (Nina Zinn), car problems (George Osterman) and a family emergency (Ray Hawkins). We all enjoyed an evening of good fellowship, plentiful food and a beautiful slide show on iris given by a knowledgeable speaker. Thanks to Dotty Wright for arranging the program.

I also want to thank Helene Greenbaum for another efficient, well run and problem-free dinner. Anyone who has worked behind the scenes on one of these events knows how much effort it takes.

Also, kudos to Larry Haas for organizing the dahlia contest and providing the tubers again”

Other News:

As we begin to dig deep into the 2004 gardening season, let’s welcome the incoming board of directors by attending the plant exchange and making an extra effort to get involved in some of the club’s fine programs. Also, many thanks to Stu Race for serving so well as our past president, staying upbeat and positive even as he fought through some medical problems.