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                        Gardeners of Somerset Valley
March 2017					From: Mitch Greenbaum

NEXT "MEETING": Wednesday, March 15, 7:30 North Branch Reformed Church

Dear GOSV:

We have a real treat for the March meeting. Rutgers scholarship winner Eden Cohen vacates the study hall and comes to Bridgewater with a talk about an important and timely project that could have a major beneficial impact on some of America’s declining cities. Called ‘Detroit Urban Farm Studio’, the population of this once thriving metropolis has declined from 2 million when it was known as the great ‘Motor City’ to an astoundingly low 675,000. Comprised of 140 square miles this means lots and lots of empty acreage, a terrible blight for this once proud city. The project studies ways of putting this land into cultivation for food and tree crops. Sounds like community gardening on steroids! Throughout the years, the scholarship program has always been a cornerstone of GOSV, perpetuating an interest in horticulture while helping students offset the ever higher financial burden. When the awardees have visited in the past, members observed students exhibiting great poise, enthusiasm, maturity and most importantly displaying a passion for their chosen future endeavors and profession. What a wonderful reward for selling flowers and sponsoring these fine young men and women. If time allows, Lorri Lindsay plans to talk about the 2017 Philadelphia Flower Show which she is visiting next Monday. Her goal is to motivate others to attend (3/10 thru 3/19) and for those who do get to Philly before the meeting it would be nice to briefly hear other impressions too. And as a shout out to one of our former presidents Marty Oostveen, it’s aptly themed ‘Holland Flowering the World’. On the business side, here is a quick reminder about dues, $25 for a single and $35 for a family. Also, it’s hard to miss spring bulbs popping up and in some cases flowering, time to bring the check for the Charter Night Dinner held April 19 at Spain 92. And at all times, think about selling geraniums and flowers and always promote the club in an attempt to find new members.

There will also be an election next week, really just members taking responsibility for keeping the club an ongoing concern. Please come out and vote for the following:

President:  Mitchell Greenbaum
Vice President: Christine Feorino
Treasurer: Dottie Wright
Secretary: Fred Yarnell
Trustee: Dorothy Siegelman

I would be remiss for not thanking Alice Swan for all the years she spent keeping the books, developing budgets and managing the Exxon portfolio, the club will surely miss her expertise. Thanks also to Lorri Lindsay, an extremely busy woman taking on the role of President for 2016. Also for those who missed last month’s meeting, it was an outstanding evening that exemplifies why GOSV is such a unique little gem. Through slides, memorabilia, souvenirs, even a Taro tasting, attendees were able to share the nostalgia and fond memories of the two years Marie Stainken worked for the Peace Corps on the island of Yap during the early 1970’s. Not to diminish this particular program, and instead more to promote membership, it’s actually quite common for GOSV to have speakers whose knowledge, experience and life story leaves a lasting impression on both the presenter and the group. Pretty darn special!

Let’s have a big turnout and a warm welcome for Eden next week. And pray for a little less snow than forecasted!