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                        Gardeners of Somerset Valley
March 2015					From: Mitch Greenbaum

NEXT "MEETING": Wednesday, March 18, 7:30pm at the North Branch Reformed Church

Dear GOSV:

The past two meetings were devoted to the vegetable side of gardening with a smattering of livestock information, the intent this month was to switch gears and have a program on flower design. Unfortunately the speaker cancelled at the last minute. Do not fret, Marty Oostveen has come to the rescue once again. She and husband Ray visited the 2015 Philadelphia Flower Show which is running until tomorrow and Marty is busy preparing a program with photos not only from this year but also from previous years, sort of like the best of the best from her viewpoint. And based on the garden she lovingly and painstakingly cultivated over the years at her Hillsborough home, the many classes she has taken and the gardens she has designed for others, her eye for landscape design about as good as anyone’s. The 2015 theme of “Celebrate the Movies” offers an exciting contemporary feel and it should be quite interesting to see how the exhibitors bring this to life especially for those who did not get a chance to make it to Philadelphia. For the many who attended Marty would gladly make this an interactive event which always seems to add to the fun and excitement of the evening.

It’s that time of year again to elect the club leaders for 2015. As a small organization, it’s difficult to find enough candidates to make this a competitive race, so instead will simply announce the slate.

President: Dottie Wright. This is a return to a role she has held several times before. She brings energy, passion and is always coming up with great ideas for outside activities.

Vice President: Lorri Lindsay. It’s a great pleasure to have one of the club’s scholarship recipients take on a leadership role. And she plans to learn from Dottie and previous President’s like Marty and if all works out as her class and project responsibilities diminish, she hopes take on the President’s role next year. GOSV now has a succession plan.

Secretary: Fred Yarnell. No one does more for the club than Fred, he should be cloned.

Treasurer: Alice Swan. Steady, reliable, unflappable, thank you for taking on this responsibility again.

Trustee: Susannah Putnam. A first year member, she can bring a fresh perspective.

Also, as the thaw continues, and thoughts of planning next year’s beds come alive, please take a minute to look at the Geranium and Flower order forms on the website. Some will be made available at the meeting.

Lastly and most importantly this will be Marty’s last meeting as President. Leadership is about the hardest thing in life, and for the last four years (been so long lost track) Marty has put in a tremendous amount of effort to fight the cultural trend of diminished interest in joining clubs and basically has kept GOSV a viable and ongoing concern. Her sense of humor in general, the annual July (sweat) tour of her garden, willingness to risk moving the meetings to the library, collaborating with Mary Jasch on a wonderful bus trip, raffling gifts to spice up meetings, the many fine presentations she made about her visits to Holland are just a few examples of how much she cared. From the members, please accept our gratitude for a job well done; you have passed the test of leadership.

There are so many reasons to attend next week: shake Marty’s hand or give a hug, vote and wish Dottie, Lorri, Fred and Alice much success. Or just enjoy the return to normal temperatures and view the highlights of the great Philadelphia Flower show. This should be an inspirational evening.