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                        Gardeners of Somerset Valley
March 2012					From: Mitch Greenbaum

NEXT MEETING: Wednesday, March 21, 7:30 PM
North Branch Reformed Church

Dear GOSV:

Rivers fascinate, mesmerize and even terrorize as we have all seen over the past few years with the constant flooding. Popular reality shows about or related to rivers occupy the TV landscape. The March speaker, Mary Kay Muckenhoupt of the neighboring Neshanic Garden Club, takes the good with the bad and has lived on 14 acres of mostly wild property abutting the Raritan River. Rivers are so much a part of her and husband's Ben lives that vacations often find them on cruises up and down waterways throughout the world. Next weeks topic called 'As Far North as You Can Go' and presumably still see blooms showcases an Eco-tour taken on the MacKensie River in northern Canada. Called De Choo, or Big River, it's the fifth largest in the world covering 1100 mostly remote and unpopulated miles, flowing at first through farmland, then a huge conifer forest and finally passes through barren tundra before spilling into the Beaufort Sea. The Eco-tour traveled through the sub-Artic portion, and though wanting to keep the details a surprise, should offer glimpses of how during the endless days of summer this cold, barren landscape becomes alive with more than 100 species of wildflowers. This program strikes me as so innovative and different that the first time in a long time overselling on my part is not necessary. The weather on Wednesday should be great, so come on out and see a part of the world few get to visit.

The Garden Club of NJ in cooperation with the Rutgers School of Environmental & Biological Science will present Landscape Design School Course IV Series XVI on Tuesday April 17 thru Friday April 20, 2012. Held at the Holly House, the four part series can be taken in any order, and consists of 10 hours of lecture, reading assignments and a test. If interested in becoming a Certified Landscape Consultant, I believe some of the GOSV members have attended these programs and more information can be obtained at the meeting or by contacting Nancy Schmaltz at

I'm going to ask President Marty Oostveen to provide some updates about the latest activities coming up over the next few months but at minimum please remember:

1. Pay the membership dues.
2. Sign-up for the 4/18 Charter Night Dinner held at the marvelous Spain 92.
3. More than any year ever, it's not too soon to start selling geraniums and flowers.

After our Eco-tour through Canada, it should be interesting during the break to hear about the recently concluded Philadelphia Flower Show and to query some of the old timers who may have experienced a winter like this before, to advise what to expect come spring and summer.

Best regards.