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                        Gardeners of Somerset Valley
March 2011					From: Mitch Greenbaum

NEXT MEETING: Wednesday, March 16, 7:30 PM
North Branch Reformed Church

Dear GOSV:
Pamela Moulton, a friend of member Pien Nagy, comes to GOSV to talk about shade loving plants. I don't have a biography on Pamela so I went to and found out a few things. She has volunteered at the Nolen Glasshouses at the NY Botanical Gardens as well as at the Battery Park City Parks Conservancy. Pamela was also educated at the NY Botanical Gardens receiving a certificate in Landscape Design. She's now a co-owner of a landscape company interestingly called City/Country Gardens and prior to this was a Human Resources Manager for Citigroup. Bottom line, one can surmise that we have a horticulturist from outside our area coming to speak to us with a NYC perspective on gardening.

Under the radar, for several years now Pien Nagy has quietly been conducting a youth garden program at the Branchburg Stony Brook School. This year she was proud to announce that her students won the GCNJ 2010 youth group contests in the essay, poster and poetry categories. One special student, Daniel Garza, took first place two years in a row as a 4th and 5th grader and GOSV is considering awarding him with a $100 certificate. The aforementioned Pamela Moulton, helped with the school's garden design. With the support of volunteers like Pien and Pamela, perhaps this generation will take a break from tweeting and texting and spend some time smelling the roses.

A couple of announcements:

Next week the membership votes for the new leadership team. Marty Oostveen, Fred Yarnell and Pat Matson return as the only candidates for President, Secretary and Treasurer. Dorothy Siegelman has decided to step down from the Vice President position. The VP's main role is to run the meeting when the President is not in attendance and basically to provide some stewardship with the rest of the board. No special skills required except enjoying being part of the club. The club also needs some helpers for the program committee. Marty will be asking for volunteers at the meeting.

Don't forget your membership dues check if not paid up.

Remember to sign up for the Charter Night Dinner held at Spain's next month. (April 20)

Disregard the 3-4 inches of rain coming down tonight and instead think spring and consider supporting the GOSV plant and geranium sales. Take out the order form and check some boxes.

Several members participated in and visited the Philadelphia Flower Show. It's a tradition to share your experiences during the refreshment break.

Some of us come from NYC, others don't, however it looks like our speaker can 'talk the talk' about urban and suburban gardening. We may very well see a new twist on dealing with shady locations.

Another week or two, and the soil should be ready for some early planting!