Gardeners of Somerset Valley
March 2010					Editor: Mitch Greenbaum

NEXT MEETING: Wednesday, March 17, 7:30 PM
North Branch Reformed Church


Purposely continuing the trend of tapping into the diverse talents and experiences of the GOSV membership, next week’s program will be given by Linda Bradway. Linda is best known for her tireless commitment to building affordable homes through the NJ branch of Habitat for Humanity. Less publicized, she’s also an avid traveler and back in 2006 Linda spent the New Year’s holiday in Pasadena working as a volunteer on a float for the Rose Parade. The Tournament of Roses west coast extravaganza equals or perhaps surpasses our area’s Macy’s Thanksgiving Parade. Started back in 1890, this event was a way for the recently migrated residents from cold weather environs to showcase the mild climate and brag to the world about their new paradise. The parade features marching bands, equestrian events and most importantly highly creative and animated motorized floats still decked out in flowers and roses. This program will give an insider’s detailed view about decorating these floats and what it was like to observe this great spectacle in person.

Next week we have some important business to attend to, the election. Where does the time go? The nominated candidates are listed below:

President:  Marty Oostveen
Vice President:  Dorothy Seligman
Secretary: Fred Yarnell
Treasurer: Patricia Matson
Trustees:  Marilou Howe, Larry Haas, Eileen Weissman

As current President Susan Dodge’s term soon comes to an end, on behalf of all the members we offer thanks for her hard work and efforts during the past year. Susan showed excellent organization skills and strengthened many of the club’s business practices. At the same time by promoting more active involvement by the general membership and with the help of the Programming Committee, GOSV continued to enjoy outstanding speakers and participated in even more outside events.

Just last week a decision was made to hold the Charter Night Dinner at Maggiano’s in Bridgewater. Reserve the date of April 21 while efforts are being made to try and get the scholarship students to come and speak that night. The one big change is that the menu will be limited and the plan is to discuss the various choices at the meeting and decide on the final selections.

Last month Catherine Mazauskas announced that she sold her home and soon would be moving to Pennsylvania. For many years she took on the role of making sure we had refreshments at the meetings, coming early to set things up and staying late to clean. She often helped find speakers and organized outside trips. GOSV thanks you for your many years of dedicated service. Though we wouldn’t expect you to attend some of the winter meetings we sincerely hope that you will pop in from time to time especially when the days grow warmer and longer. Good luck in your new home.

Though not yet dry, the soil has thawed and begun its slow steady rise in temperature. Soon we dig, sow and hopefully reap the deep personal rewards that come from gardening. Together let’s celebrate the start of the 2010 season.

Happy Saint Patrick’s Day and welcome spring!