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                        Gardeners of Somerset Valley
June 2013					From: Mitch Greenbaum

NEXT "MEETING": Saturday, June 22, 10am
at North Branch Reformed Church

Dear GOSV:

Please note that the meeting won't be held next Wednesday evening at the church. Instead reserve the Saturday after for a real treat, a veritable double your pleasure day of gardening education and recreation. For starters, we meet at the Holly House at Rutger's Garden at 10:00 AM for a one hour tour hosted by Bruce Crawford. At the conclusion, scholarship recipient Lorri Lindsay has invited everyone back to her home about fifteen minutes away for snacks, wine and a light lunch, and to get an intimate view of her luscious ponds and gardens.

Bruce Crawford, the Director of the Rutgers Gardens only recently spoke at one of our meetings, and his love and enthusiasm about anything horticultural was quite evident, now imagine what you can expect on his home turf. Though at this time it's not known where he will takes us, more than likely we will visit the main garden containing unusual and colorful annuals, tropicals, herbs and vegetables, and of special interest the section devoted to the All American Selections (AAS) winners throughout the years. Perhaps time will allow a visit to the Hollies, bamboo, evergreen and water conservation areas, and if the sun is bright, a bride or two may stop by for photographs. Rutgers Gardens not being a high budget place, relies heavily on a dedicated team of volunteers, and rather than having a pristine and formal look, comes off natural and relaxed, and perfect for an mid morning stroll. Some members may not be aware that several years ago, GOSV provided funds well in excess of $500 to purchase a teak bench in honor of WWII hero John Basilone who grew up in Raritan. Arriving a few minutes early to try and locate the bench and view some of the additional commemorative plants and artifacts donated for other great Americans could be a very special tune-up before the tour. Please be aware that there will be a $10 charge per attendee.

Lorri, perhaps of all the students we've known, has embraced her dual role as scholarship recipient, and cherished new member of the club. Two months ago, she spoke passionately at the Charter Night Dinner, and even with her busy schedule makes an effort to attend meetings and outside events. She has also invited one or two of her classmates and is calling the get-together an open garden day where young and not so young gardeners can enjoy her ponds filled with koi and view other horticultural treasures. A glass of wine, some snacks, beautiful plants, what a lovely way to spend an afternoon.

So pray for the end of this crazy rainy pattern, go to bed and wake up early, and participate in a special day of touring and socializing.

See directions below. Happy Father's Day!


Rutgers Gardens, 112 Ryders Lane, New Brunswick. Take route 1 south 2 exits to the Ryders Lane exit, East Brunswick. Once you merge onto Ryders Lane move into the left hand lane and take the first possible left onto Log Cabin Road. Follow Log Cabin Road into Rutgers Gardens. At the stop sign located at the Holly House make a right and you may park in that lot.

Lorri Lindsay, 72 Wildwood Ave, Edison. From Rutgers take rt 1 northbound. Go about 5 miles then get on Rte 287 southbound. In less than two miles take the Rte 514 East exit toward Woodbridge. Go straight thru traffic light at Hess station, at the next traffic light make a right onto Wildwood Avenue. My house is #72 on the left, please don't park in driveway as most of it is actually owned by my neighbor. On street parking is plentiful! Travel time is 10-15 minutes.