Gardeners of Somerset Valley

June 2008					Editor: Mitch Greenbaum

NEXT MEETING: Wednesday, June 18, 2008, 7:30 PM
at the North Branch Reformed Church.

Can families living in suburban central NJ in the year 2008 ever consider cooking Japanese knotweed? How about drinking dandelion wine instead of Chardonnay or adding Burdock stems to a salad? Sound appetizing yet? Not only are these weeds healthy, a perusal of the literature on the topic indicates that the ones above and many others possess fine culinary and medicinal virtues too. Next month, Hollace Hoffman, the retired Director of the Mountainside Trailside Nature and Science Center will ponder these life altering questions with her popular program called “Eat Your Weeds”. Rather than spraying, pulling or composting what are widely considered annual and perennial nuisance plants, she asks, “Why not cook or encourage them?” Many after all were brought here by our ancestors because they were nutritious and long part of every day diets. Ms. Hoffman plans on bringing live samples for examination. Tasting anyone?

After many years of dedicated service, Cathy Mazauskas has decided to relinquish her role as Programs Chairperson. It would be an understatement to say that throughout her tenure the variety and the quality of the speakers have been outstanding. Her organizational skills will also be sorely missed. To fill this position, the club is looking for one or two volunteers to schedule and coordinate the programs starting in September. Cathy will gladly help during the transition. If interested in fulfilling this key role, please step forward.

With a vote taken in May, the GOSV summer picnic has been scheduled for Saturday July 19 and a rain date of July 26. Possessing a beautifully landscaped yard, conservatory, and shaded grounds, Christine’s home in Green Brook is a great place for friends to gather. As done in the past, GOSV supplies the main courses and the guests bring appetizers or dessert. More information will follow as the date gets closer.

Remember after next week and the picnic, the next formal meeting is three months away on September 17. Let’s eat some weeds and embrace the joys of summer with a big June turnout.