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                        Gardeners of Somerset Valley
July 2015					From: Mitch Greenbaum

NEXT "MEETING": Wednesday, July 15, 7:00 Tour of Marty's Garden

Dear GOSV:

It’s the beginning of summer, grass remains green, beds flush with flowers and plump vegetables are ready to harvest. So far all is well in 2015. Though GOSV doesn’t have any formal meetings this time of year, it’s time to mark calendars and spend some time together eating, drinking and celebrating the joys and blessings of the first half of the gardening season.

First up, Marty and Larry’s garden tours next Wednesday 7/15 starting at 7:00 PM. Though Marty has always been happy to accommodate tours, her home and yard are really designed for strolling, meditative thoughts and mostly to marvel at all that she has accomplished in her Hillsborough suburban setting. This will be a bittersweet occasion as Marty and Ray are moving to Pennsylvania next year and she’s already planning on what to take and how to fill in the holes, and sadly an end to one of the better GOSV outside activities. On the other hand, next door neighbor Larry’s property is better seen as a group and Larry does a wonderful job as guide with lots of humor and glib commentary. Both gardens are lush because of all the rain, and there will be lite food, drinks and great conversation to while away the summer evening. Please bring any beverages or snacks that you would enjoy and like to share.

Next up, the annual summer picnic for the first time at the Annandale (Clinton area) home of Susannah and Jerry O’Brien, August 1 starting at 1:00 PM. The tentative menu is London Broil and chicken shish kebabs, sounds very yummy. As in years past we ask all attendees to bring the following based on the first letter of the last name; A to G an appetizer, H to R dessert or S to Z salad and there is a $5 per person charge. A couple of new twists, Dottie has decided to become a Margarita bartender and will be mixing mango and strawberry frozen drinks, and the yard has a stream stocked with fish if anyone cares to toss in a line. Chairs might be in short supply, if you can manage, please bring one to the picnic and kindly RSVP to Susannah by 7/28.

There’s even more, on August 2 Dottie would like to organize a carpool for a visit to the New York Botanical Garden in the Bronx. This summer’s highlight is an art exhibit by famous Mexican painter Frida Kahlo. Admission is $25 and $22 for seniors, with the plan to leave from Macy’s at 9:00 AM. Check out the website and get back to Dottie by 7/26. As this develops, there should be another announcement about who is participating and the drivers. One last thing, the Garden Club of NJ has brought an outstanding all day program to our attention offered at Duke Gardens called ‘Teaching and Learning with Monarch Butterflies’ coming up on August 10, 8:30 AM to 4:00 PM. At a modest $25, this could be considered a steal. To sign up, use this internet tool. The addresses to Marty and Susannah’s homes can be found on the website.

Pretty exciting summer for a bunch of old-time (young at heart) gardeners. See you all next week.