Gardeners of Somerset Valley

January 2003					Editor: Mitch Greenbaum


			NEXT MEETING: Wednesday, January 15, 7:30 PM,
				At the North Branch Reformed Church

Jim Laubach and Dorothy Wright will be presenting a slide show developed by the Frelinghuysen Arboretum on the design basics of oriental gardening. Jim first became introduced to this horticultural form in the early 1940’s when he worked as the maintenance supervisor at the Japanese garden for the Duke estate. Most of us have also seen Jim’s own fabulous rock garden and we’re all in for a very special treat.

The Duke garden tour held on December 8 was a great success. The small private groups allowed for an intimate glimpse of this wonderful place soon to become a public park The gathering afterwards at Joanne Wood’s historic home in Warren was also a fine way to start off the 2002 holiday season.

An important vote will be taking place regarding the club’s bylaws. The proposal will change the start date of the officers and trustees terms from January to April so as to coincide with our parent, the Garden Club of New Jersey. Dorothy will be sending out the info by e-mail where possible and will have hard copies on hand at the meeting.

Stacy Gould, our Delaware Valley student that graduated last year, sends the club greetings and thanks from Arizona where she is doing an internship at the Desert Botanical Garden in Phoenix. This is her third work experience at a public garden and she hopes to find a full-time position when she returns home in November. She would love to see any of us traveling out this way and I’ll bring the card with her address to the meeting.

In January we celebrate the anniversaries of Frank and Bernice Wortman (11th), Les and Jane Franklin (29th) and Larry and Anita Haas (28th). Also Larry Haas and Barbara Pyle get another year wiser on January 11 and January 25 respectively. Congratulations to all.

Seed Catalogues have been arriving almost weekly since the beginning of December. I’m particularly exited about a new Burpee tomato introduction called ‘Brandy Boy’, Their breeders started with Brandywine (everyone’s flavor-favorite heirloom), then added 4-5 times the yield and 10 days of earliness. This could be a blockbuster tomato. For the coffee break, bring in some of your top catalogues and show-off some of the other great 2003 introductions.

Looking forward to seeing everyone on the 15th, and with a little luck it won’t be raining or snowing. Does anyone remember the drought?