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                        Gardeners of Somerset Valley
February 2013					From: Mitch Greenbaum

NEXT "MEETING": Wednesday, February 20, 7:30 PM
at North Branch Reformed Church

Dear GOSV:

The sun sure was bright for a change, the wind died down, and temperatures reached into the 40’s today. A perfect day to promote next week’s program, even though the long range forecast calls for an Arctic blast the night of the meeting. For many in the club, providing scholarships remains one of the most rewarding activities and mission of the club. Every once in awhile, our cherished former students come back for a visit, and next week it’s truly a special honor to have our first recipient return. Mary Jasch, a magna cum laude graduate of Cook College, and for 23 years the owner of an indoor landscape company, now publishes the web magazine Dig It. In this writing endeavor, she visits and photographs as many gardens as she can fit into her busy schedule. The presentation is called the “Private Gardens of New York, New Jersey, Connecticut and Eastern Pennsylvania”, and because of her publishing background, this could be one of the most inspiring and exciting programs in a very long while. You’ll come away with many ideas that can be used in our climate zone, and most importantly say hello to a horticultural leader who we helped in a small way not too long ago.

The next two months also provide much excitement. In March, we try a new meeting locale, the Bridgewater Library, and one of the all time great speakers, Walt Choroszewski comes back with his latest program, “The Garden State in Bloom”. With proper promotion, this meeting should have the biggest turnout ever and please save the date, March 27.

In April, the Charter Night dinner takes place again in Spain 92 and current scholarship winner Lorri Lindsay plans to give a short talk. More details at the meeting.

Two very brief and important reminders. Please bring in your dues checks. And, the club really could use some new officers. If you have a little free time, come forward and help guide the club in the coming months and years.

Lastly, best wishes to Dottie who after a rough time following gall bladder surgery, has started to return to her normal energetic self. She plans on seeing everyone next week.

Happy Valentine’s day to all, and the weather forecasters have been wrong a whole lot lately. Maybe the jet stream will shift and it won’t be too cold next Wednesday.