2014 Christmas Party

The Gardeners of Somerset Valley held its annual Christmas Party on Saturday December 6, 2pm at Christine and Craig's House in Greem Brook, NJ. We started with appetizers, then main course and dessert. We sang Christmas Carols.

Below are some pictures taken at the dinner - names are clockwise starting at the lower left corner.

pic 1

Silvia Hopson, Mitch Greenbaum, Doris & Stu Race and our host Christine Feorino

pic 2

Stu, Christine, Gerry & Susannah O'Brien

pic 3

Steve Goldberg, Lorri Lindsay, Bill & Gayle Stroh, Dorothy Siegelman, Andrzei & Barbara Buda, Dorothy Wright and Anita Haas

pic 4

Andrzei, Dorothy, Anita & Larry Haas, Alice and Fred Swan, Steve, Lorri, and Bill

pic 5

Face of Patti Bowen & John Hoinowski, Jane Yarnell, host Craig Berry, and Paul Heitmann

pic 6

John & Elly Hoinowski, Jane, Craig, and Paul

pic 7

Paul Heitmann, Karen Cassity, Don & Patti Bowen, face of John & Elly Hoinowski.