2008 Amaryllis Contest

Members were each given amaryllis bulbs in December and asked to grow them. At the February meeting a contest was held with Barry Weissman judging the flowers.

Larry Haas did label his flower but none of the others were labeled. Barry judged them giving the position of the flowers on the tables: numbers 1 to 8. He judged 1 and 8 as largest bloom. 1 is Fred Swan's and I'm not sure who 8 belonged to. Most potential was, I believe, Ralph Maiwaldt. Best in Show may have better been titled "most unusual" and that went to 3: Fred Yarnell's.

If any members know who the following belong to other than the ones I identified I will be happy to label them with names. Thanks to Pien Nagy for taking the pictures.

Largest Bloom (no. 1) Fred Swan

Most Potential (no. 7) Ralph?

Best in Show (no. 3) Fred Yarnell

Pat Matson and Gayle Stroh

Pat Matson and Pien Nagy